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Travel arrangements can all be taken care of by an online Travel Agent who can source that last minute travel deal for pleasure or for business. Business Car leasing/hire will mean you can complete your journey at the other end, or if you can't face going anywhere, a courier can be sourced from our Courier Services - and you can stay at home.

Jean Young

Genie Travel

tailormade holidays and travel

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Tailor-made business trips and holidays to suit your requirements.This could be just flights or flights and hotel, to an all inclusive holiday or cruise.
I will try as far as possible to match your requirements, if this is not possble, then I can try other options, and advise accordingly.


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"Always my first choice for any travel arrangements"
"As usual, Jean has saved me time and hassle"

The certain way of doing business.

If you are very small, you may be able to save money on car leasing from a business car leasing company by not hiring a car at all, but instead, sending yourself as an overnight package delivery, or even a same day package delivery by courier. Alternatively, you might prefer the comfort of going for a car lease, or if car hire doesn't suit you, then use a travel agency to get you where you need to be.