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H R Consultants can keep your employees motivated and working at their full potential. To make sure you get the quality of employees and business partners that you need, Psychometric testing can be a powerful tool. Recruitment Consultants may use online recruitment or many other means to take the strain out of finding just the right people for the job.

Lynn Tulip

Assessment 4 Potential.

Career management consultancy

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We bring high quality, professional recruitment and career management solutions, direct to your organisation. Psychometric Testing and On-line Assessment add value and support to all your decisions.

AND if you are going through your own personal career transition, we will help you back on track.


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The certain way of doing business.

Recruitment can take many forms online recruitment can be extremely effective. Using psychometric testing is a tried and tested method of Agency recruitment for all kinds of job recruitment including executive recruitment. With online recruitment you can source a recruitment specialist who deals in business career management, who can also help chart your career path and career objective, possibly using a Career online test or psychometric test.