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Information Technology may not sound that 'cool' - but did you know that you can receive IT Support Services from someone who is miles away? Your mouse can be taken over, so that you can watch the mouse-arrow move across the screen in the control of an IT support professional, who you only need to talk to on the phone. You see, IT support services can be 'cool' after all.

Nicholas Butler

Reduced Hackers Ltd

Technology Strategist

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Internet Strategy review , a one page report detailing which of the many three letter acronyms you are using and what you might be missing. 100+vat.

Technology roadmap, A report on your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Technology and how to invest in them. 250 +vat.


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The certain way of doing business.

Do you need IT support? If you are the kind of person who is not really interested in the intricacies of Microsoft Office XP Professional, and wonder whether you should just be casual and call it "Office XP Professional", or Windows XP Professional, or even "XP Professional", or get nerdy and add a number like "Windows 2000 Professional" - you may eventually decide that you need some IT support services and you will find someone who really loves information technology and pay them to worry about all that - while you have a good life.