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Public relations agencies can be the difference between a marketing strategy that looks good on paper, and one that really goes into action. Strong public relations management by a pr firm can become a cornerstone of the continued success of your business.

sylvia howe


Public Relations, writing, editing, marekting, sales

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COMMUNICATION of all kinds - to make your business buzz.
PR, writing, editing, web content, sales, marketing...
Sensible advice, creative thinking, realistic strategy


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"“Our favourite PRs! Friendly, knowledgeable, and never pushy!”"
"“It is so refreshing to talk to someone who is genuinely enthusiastic about a product.”"

The certain way of doing business.

Good Public relations management may involve a public relations agency who will happily tell you the tale of: "how effective public relations saved the company". You may choose to work with individual public relations consultants, or with a public relations coordinator within a public relations firm. You can be sure, however, that whatever public relations management strategy you agree on, you will call it 'PR'. A PR firm or a PR agency could really turn your business around.