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Some people think that investing in property is a great way to gain financial security for the future - but they tell themselves that they don't have enough money.

Those people should think again, and talk to successful property investor and author Andy Shaw.

If you have good advice for people who invest in property, feel free to share that with us.

Sound advice whether you are buying, selling property, or just looking for new avenues of investment, it can all be found here. Use our vetted commercial property consultants to help you get the best deals and property investment advice.

Get mortgage advice in the Financial Section and a conveyancer in the Legal Section.

Hot Property Services tip

Before selling your home, consider carefully the possibility of renting it out and keeping it as an investment it could be the first property in your portfolio! Perhaps by re-mortgaging rather than selling, you could raise your deposit for your next home.....

Andy Shaw, Passive Investments

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The certain way of doing business.

Relocation, overseas investment or buy-to-let all from the comfort and privacy of your armchair. Here you can find a commercial property consultant you can trust.