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The certain way of doing business

Work/Life Balance

"We talk personally to previous clients, so you can be certain our professionals are great"


I want to talk to a business coach
I need to de-stress and improve my life

It's ok, you don't have to do the famous Firewalk to benefit from personal development that will improve your work life balance, and also your business performance. Have a chat with our vetted professionals and let them answer your questions.

Need help finding your direction? Talk to our vetted qualified life coaches. Business need a boost? Then our executive business coaching professionals will give you the motivation to really succeed with your small business.
Start your search for a qualified life coach and executive business coach you can trust now. Unleash your potential for success and learn how to stay calm in a busy world.

Hot Work/Life Balance tip

To gain a new perspective, solve a problem, get out of a knot, just
change your routine......
Travel by a different route or even walk to your destination
Eat different food
Talk to people you do not know
Get up later, go to bed earlier
Find a new holiday location......the list of possibilities is endless. Just trying one could lead to real change…!

Annarosa Solda, well being/anti stress/holistic approaches

Life Coaching, Stress Management

Relationship Coaching Shop

I highly recommend Julia as a relationship counselor. She is very effective. Julia Armstrong
Julia is gifted in enabling and empowering the people she works with Julia Armstrong

Executive/Business Coaching, Wealth Coaching

Executive Coaching Shop

Executive Business Coaching will help you find ways of getting rid of those self-limiting beliefs and move forward, creating purpose and harmony in your life. By using a qualified life coach you will create a fantastic and sustainable work/life balance and a true sense of wellbeing.

Holistic Healing, Feng Shui

Holistic & Wellbeing Shop

The effect of the healing by Annarosa needs to be experienced to be believed. Annarosa Solda
She´s a gift Annarosa Solda

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The certain way of doing business.

CertainShops provides a database of vetted professionals to help you move your small business forward. Search our database of qualified life coaches & executive business coaching professionals experienced to help you achieve that all important work life balance and find your direction.