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It seems impossible sometimes to run a business and stay sane at the same time, but much of the stress comes from not having enough word of mouth recommended professionals to outsource to. An experienced Business Consultant can be worth their weight in gold, and phone answering services from our Virtual Office team can really take the pressure off. A well thought out IT strategy can also save on future headaches (and costs).

These days it just isn't worth employing anyone without checking out the latest employment legislation and I certainly don't have time to search for good travel deals on the web - so I use our Travel Agent who finds excellent deals so much quicker than I would. Which reminds me. I could do with a holiday...

Too busy to leave the office? Find a variety of small business support services to relieve the pressure and allow you to concentrate on what youíre good at. Donít waste time looking for good people - they are already here

Hot Business Support tip

Donít moan about not getting paid on time if you havenít included the late payment legislation in your business Terms & Conditions. You could be missing out on interest & compensation income.

Janette Whitney, Award Winning Business Consultant

IT Support, Telecommunications

Technology Shop

Information Technology may not sound that 'cool' - but did you know that you can receive IT Support Services from someone who is miles away? Your mouse can be taken over, so that you can watch the mouse-arrow move across the screen in the control of an IT support professional, who you only need to talk to on the phone. You see, IT support services can be 'cool' after all.

Business Consultants, Management Consultants

Business Consultants Shop

Put down those 'how to get rich' books and increase sales and profits with an online business health check, or have a personal consultation with a Business Consultant and move your business forward.

The services of a business Management Consultant are no longer the reserve of blue-chip companies, since an independent consultant can provide plans for change and help with tough decisions - at a competitive price.

Very pleased with the efficiency of the service. It has been very well thought out. Janette Whitney
The whole experience was quick and completely painless and I would be happy to recommend the services of Delibero & Jan Brown to anyone Jan Brown

Phone Answering Services, Virtual PA, Secretarial

Virtual Office Shop

Will you miss vital calls when you are on holiday? A 'Virtual Office' providing a phone answering service can authentically represent your business while you are away.

Are you fed up with expensive Temps and buried under an avalanche of administrative backlog? Virtual Office Services in the form of a virtual PA can quickly and efficiently save the day.

Health & Safety, HR Consultants, Psychometric Testing, Recruitment Consultants

Employment Shop

H R Consultants can keep your employees motivated and working at their full potential. To make sure you get the quality of employees and business partners that you need, Psychometric testing can be a powerful tool. Recruitment Consultants may use online recruitment or many other means to take the strain out of finding just the right people for the job.

Thank you for your help on the CV that has been invaluable Lynn Tulip
I am now in a far more positive frame of mind. Thank you Lynn Tulip

Car Leasing, Hire, Courier Services, Travel Agents

Travel & Transport Shop

Travel arrangements can all be taken care of by an online Travel Agent who can source that last minute travel deal for pleasure or for business. Business Car leasing/hire will mean you can complete your journey at the other end, or if you can't face going anywhere, a courier can be sourced from our Courier Services - and you can stay at home.

I have been very pleased with the service and would definitely recommend 'Genie Travel' Jean Young
Very efficient and helpful - listens to what you want. I'll definitely use her again. Jean Young

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