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The certain way of doing business

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When you start a new business or create new intellectual property, you will need to talk to an IPR/Web Ecommerce Solicitor who will provide quality business law advice and keep you out of trouble.

John Grant

Patent & Trade Mark Attorney

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"John Grant and his team have provided us with clear and understandable advice"

The certain way of doing business.

A Solicitor offering business law advice may offer some Free law advice in Web ecommerce in an introductory meeting, but whether you are working with a business law firm or an individual IPR solicitor, Intellectual property and Ecommerce law are an area we all have to delve into when we start a new business, or progress an existing one. Ok, it's another expense and a bit of a bind, but think of it as a learning curve. And we have found that IPR solicitors are often really nice people to talk to.