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Andy Williams

Preference Trusts and Wills Ltd

Wills and Trusts Specialist

I can provide you with the essential professional guidance that you need in order to save unnecessary tax, protect valued assets and secure the future of your loved ones.

I am a Wills and Trusts Specialist who works entirely from recommendation. 



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"I have found Andy to be professional and to carry out his business with integrity"
"A professional person, who communicates complicated issues, problems and solutions in simple English"

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How I can help you - these are the services I offer:

I can provide the answers to the following questions and much more;

1 - If you have an illness or accident, who would take care of your money and your property and your business and your personal welfare?

2 - How can you make sure that your children will inherit, even if your spouse/partner marries or cohabits with another party after your death?

3 - Who will look after your children if you died whilst they were still children?

4 - How can you build a Family Trust which can benefit your children but also pass on to your grandchildren and future generations?

5 - If you have written a Will: Is it still legally valid? Does it still meet with your objectives? Does it reflect the changes that have undoubtedly occurred in your life since it was drafted?

6 - If you have written a Will: Have you provided a third party (Such as a Bank,an Accountant or a Solicitor) an opportunity to take what can be very large fees from the value of your assets before they pass to your chosen beneficiaries? If so, what alternatives do you have?

7 - How can you and your family save thousands of pounds of Inheritance Tax over the coming years?

8 - How can you protect family assets from being forcibly sold by Local Authorities to fund care costs?

9 - How can you pass your assets to your children and future generations whilst protecting those assets from future creditors? (Including business creditors, future spouses and partners and Inheritance tax)

10 - What will happen to your share of your business in the event of your death?

11 - Where can you safely store all your important documents?

12 - How can you ensure that your Will is updated regularly without additional costs?

13 - If you are a father and you have never married the mother of your children; Will your children live with you in the event of their mother's death? Or will that be decided by their mother or the Courts?

14 - If you don't write a Will, what would happen to your assets and loved ones in the event of your death?

15 - What is the difference between owning a property Joint Tenancy or Tenants in Common? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each method?

16 - What tax issues are there, if your parent/s gift a share (or all of) their property to you (or other relatives) whilst they are alive?

17 - If you have a disabled child or other relative: Do you know how to create a tax free Trust Fund for their benefit in the event of your death?

18 - What are the tax implications of the ownership structure of and the passing on of 'Buy to Let' or 'Residential Investment Properties' to your selected beneficiaries upon your death?

19 - In the event of your death, what happens to assets that you own in other countries around the world?

20 - Can former spouses or partners benefit from your assets in the event of your death even if you have made a 'clean break' financial settlement? 

Professional Fees:

I will visit you and review your affairs at your convenience and at no cost to you.

My fees are dependant upon the complexity of your situation and the volume of work that you wish me to undertake.

My recommendations and fees are clearly communicated in writing to you before I undertake any work for you.

I will handle your affairs sensitively, confidentially, honestly and expertly. 

I have the experience and qualifications to provide these services, as you can see:

I have over 20 years experience in Financial Services which means that I will provide you with expertise that is broad and effective. .

I personally draft all documents in order to ensure their effectiveness and accuracy.

I am a member of the Society of Willwriters and Estate Practitioners; which means that I have qualified by examination and that I adhere to Society's Code of Conduct and Complaints and Arbitration Procedures.

I am committed to my own Continual Professional Development; which means that my advice is always in accordance with current legislation.

Because the service I provide is more broad and detailed than most practitioners in my field, I possess my own tailored Professional Indemnity Insurance with a claim limit of 2 million pounds sterling. This means that my advice is fully underwritten and insured, giving you peace of mind.

I am registered under and comply with the Data Protection Act provisions; which means that all the information that you provide me with is always treated with the strictest confidence. 

I have helped many people and companies before and this is what they say:

Some of the advice and services that Andy provides should be compulsory - He can make such a difference to people and their financial security: Speak to him and you'll see what I mean!
T.P. of Bromley, Kent

Andy Williamsís knowledge, advice and ability to communicate complex matters in plain English has been of huge benefit to me and my clients alike. Thank you.
K Dunks - Independent Financial Adviser, Sun 10th Feb 2008

Andy listened to us and showed tremendous patience in dealing with all our questions.As a result, we understand the arrangements that we have in place and how they provide for us and our children and that is very important. How many people can say the same about their arrangements?
I.P. & K.P.of Danehill, East Sussex

Everyone knows that they need to get their affairs in order. Andy and his colleagues at Preference Trusts and Wills were thorough and professional at all times and made it so convenient and painless for us to do so
AW & KW, Uckfield, East Sussex

Just to inform you that I have had several meetings with Any Williams and he has completed the drawing up of my Will etc. I am very pleased with the service.
Judith Maddison, Mon 12th May 2008

I can without reservation recommend Mr Andrew Williams of Preference Trusts & Wills. I introduce him exclusively to clients in need of advice regarding the making of or the reviewing of their Will and the various Trusts associated with protecting their assets both now and in the future, making sure that such assets pass on to their loved ones according to their wishes and tax efficiently.
Without exception my clients agree that his advice and guidance has been invaluable placing them and their beneficiaries in a far better situation than before they met him.
K Mitchell (Independent Financial Adviser), Sun 10th Feb 2008

I have found Andy to be professional and to carry out his business with integrity. The feedback I have received from my clients has always be positive in connection with the end to end service provided, leaving my clients with the comfort that their future is in save hands.
K Kelly (Independent Mortgage Adviser), Sun 10th Feb 2008

We found Andy Williams's approach suited us perfectly. He made sure he understood our requirements and wishes, offered us sound, impartial and extremely helpful advice in a sensitive manner, which allowed us to create a will which we are completely happy with. Andy was a pleasure to deal with throughout the process and we are happy to recommend him without hesitation."
D & T Glover, Sun 10th Feb 2008

How refreshing is is to deal with Andy Williams. A professional person, who communicates complicated issues, problems and solutions in simple English. The service I received was second to none
JN, Brighton, East Sussex

I was the Executor chosen by my mother. Following her death, Preference Trusts and Wills were there for me with invaluable help and advice. They have now helped me with my Will, various Trusts and also my Enduring Power of Attorney. I would thoroughly recommend their services
AC & LC, East Dean, East Sussex

In most families, the arrangements of one member has a potential impact on the others. Therefore, when Andy visited us and was able to combine meetings with my brothers, my father, my wife and her parents:It saved us time, gave us all peace of mind and due to Andy's generous discount structure, it saved us all money
R.K. of Eltham, London


I bring more to my work than professional experience; let me tell you something about myself:

I am very lucky to live in our beautiful Sussex countryside.I am motivated, hard working and competitive. I enjoy many sports, particularly football, squash and cricket. I also enjoy music and reading. I am happily married to Lisa and have four wonderful daughters. 


To arrange a free appraisal with this Service Provider you must register at CertainShops. Registration is FREE. Click here to get started.