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Sam Wilson

carbon neutral event management solutions

Eco Events: providing carbon neutral event management solutions, and also funky mobile bar hire and the perfect corporate gift - a cocktail in a box! 



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"She is motivated, passionate, utterly reliable and a dream to work with"

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How I can help you - these are the services I offer:

The truth about events

Events at their most basic level are social gatherings – they are also the reason we have evolved to become sophisticated thinkers, learners and communicators.

Whatever happens, you can be sure that events will also be driving us into the future. People will always have the desire to get together, listen, participate and experience. It’s how we do events – how we manage them – how we deliver our messages – how we engage our people - that matters.

The truth about sustainability[/]

Public opinion will ebb and flow but one thing remains certain – no matter what happens there will always be the three legs of sustainability on your guest list…

Profit, People, Planet...your event cannot be a success without them.

How you commit, engage, measure and certify will create the knowledge you need to be a profitable organisation and survive in a carbon-sensitive, people oriented culture.

What this means for you

Position your organisation to succeed. Become the thought leader. Create and transfer knowledge through evidenced credentials. Use experienced experts to support your organisation and drive your agenda.

Embed sustainability into the way you conceive, operate and debrief your event. Motivate your team, emanate your brand and save money by becoming more efficient and less wasteful.

We also provide mobile bar hire with our own unique bars and fully trained staff. 

I have the experience and qualifications to provide these services, as you can see:

Event by Event, we are changing the face of an industry that is by nature transient and wasteful. Our skilled team of Events Managers and Ecological Consultants use practices that are ethical and transparent, and ideas that are enterprisingly different. The result is that you get a first class event with a minimal carbon footprint.

Ethical Supplier Chain

Our principles are such that if you were to cut right through the surface show of EcoEvents to the core, our ethical values would be present at every layer.

Our ethical supplier chain consists of companies that provide only products and services that are made in the UK from sustainable materials and produced in an environmentally responsible manner.

Why choose an ethical event management company?

Each event you put on in 2008 will have a substantial effect on the environment unless you factor in certain measures that deal with specific social, economic and environmental themes. DEFRA’s key performance indicators and the recently launched BS8901 criteria will need to be met if your company’s social and environmental responsibility policies are to stand up to scrutiny. This is clearly an area where people can feel out of their depth. Eco Events offers two main services to help you meet these responsibilities:Eco Consultancy, where we work as an integral part of your event management team to ensure you reach your sustainability objectives such as those specified by BS8901; and Carbon Neutral Event Management, where we conceptualize, plan and produce the whole event throughout its entire cycle, develop your sustainable event management system, and promote the ongoing improvement of your sustainability policy through post production evaluation and feedback. 

I have helped many people and companies before and this is what they say:

Sam did a fantastic job working with me on Starting Over Show Brighton 2009. She is motivated, passionate, utterly reliable and a dream to work with.
suzy miller, Fri 24th Apr 2009

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To arrange a free appraisal with this Service Provider you must register at CertainShops. Registration is FREE. Click here to get started.