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Legal Services

Personal Legal Shop

Preference Trusts & Wills
Preference Trusts and Wills Limited are based in Sussex and visit clients in London and the South East of England.

Starting Over Show
All the things you need to know about starting over from divorce or break up in one SOS. The Starting Over Show is the first UK event to help people bounce back from divorce, relationship break ups and life crises. On the day, we create a safe haven in which you can take professional advice to build the confidence and skills you need to go it alone.

Business Support & Office Services

Employment Shop

Thousands of London jobs. Apply online today.

Financial Services

Money Shop

The Debt after Divorce Campaign

The UK Insolvency Helpline Debt Advice Service

Work/Life Balance

Holistic & Wellbeing

SOS Village: resources for starting over from life crises
The first UK site signposting how to get through life changing events

Inspiration - you are not alone - access shared stories, community support and fellow travellers

Information - advice and signposting - gather information from free resources and talented experts

create your own choice map™ and get in shape (emotionally, physically and intellectually) to take action

This is a place where you can find free resources and support designed to help you bounce back from relationship break ups and other life crisis.

We aim to provide an A-Z road map and safe haven where you can seek information and inspiration to build the confidence and skills you need to move forwards. We feature articles, true life stories and valuable guidance for anyone who is ‘starting over’.

Miscellaneous links

Send a Cow
Send a Cow is a Christian charity that enables poor farmers in Africa to become self-reliant by providing them with livestock, training and advice. We work with some of the most vulnerable groups in Africa, including children orphaned by war, families affected by AIDS, and disabled people.

Blogging For Blondes
A humorous guide to online social networking and blogging for technophobes.

Business Articles - a free resource
Useful business related articles written mainly by the vetted service providers on CertainShops - professionals online

The CRM Solutions Company
Our goal is to help you grow your relationship with the customers, which in turn will be a better return in your investment.

Trading Nothing
Trade something for nothing from Andrew Henderson so he can trade his way from nothing to a Rolls Royce or a Bentley!

Urban Clothing
Bling Bling Online sells hip hop jewellery, replica Jacob & Co watches and bling grillz

Splut Directory
An broad internet directory of websites with an interesting name