Choose a Lawyer, an Accountant, a Designer...
But how do you know if you have found the right professional for the job?

The certain way of doing business

If your  PREVIOUS CLIENTS RAVE ABOUT YOU, then become part of our community of approved online professionals.....

If you are allowed to join CertainShops, it means 3 previous clients have raved about you.  No other online directory of professional service providers gives your clients that peace of mind.

For less than the cost of a networking group, you can build trusting relationships with other CertainShops professionals.


As a business to business networking community, we invite you to get together at live networking events, and to ‘skills swop’ with other CertainShops accredited professionals.

One of "the most useful websites that will change your life"



CertainShops are achieving a constant increase in site visitors month on month, with 6,535 visitors in September 09 alone, excellent press coverage, and we have been voted one of the “most useful websites that will change your life” as reported in The Independent.




Online directory unlike any other:

genuine and transparent vetting system
(I phone up 3 previous clients before allowing you onto the site)

business to business real life networking
(I invite you to our networking events and let you know about others you can join in on as a guest)

source of testimonials
(I ask your clients politely via the site to submit their rave reviews)

hub for all your other directory listings

(you can now list your blogs, facebook group pages et al on your CertainShops profile)


So, how do you get one of these to display on your website?



Because we are only allowing a limited number of Professionals we would like to give you the opportunity of applying to be on the site - see application form link below.

We will then contact your referees and let you know when you can fill in your profile online and submit a photo.

In the meantime please feel free to browse the site, and to see what our current service providers and registered users think about us click here:

You can fill in an Application form online and be automatically registered to use the site at the same time at:
(nb:  If you are already a registered user, please log in first before you click this link)



Recent research has shown that the answers to the following 3 questions are very important when sourcing professional service providers. (Interestingly, our clients agree and that's why they have chosen to trust CertainShops instead of a directory) – See what you think.....

Are the service providers personally recommended by previous clients before being promoted by the directory/organisation?

(Clients have personally recommended all our service providers before we allow them onto the CertainShops website).

Does the directory you are using ask you for customer feedback, and remove service providers who fail to keep up high standards?

(It's what we do at CertainShops, and we think that it should be a basic requirement of any legitimate directory/organisation.)

Is access to these quality professionals free of charge any-time and anywhere there is an internet connection, without obligation.

(It is at CertainShops. You simply send them a confidential email and the professional will contact you at your convenience.)

For the full summary of our survey, click here:

What else can we offer?

Skills Swop:  I want to encourage the vetted professionals on the site to get to know each other, not just via physical networking, but by offering the opportunity for skills swops.

All new professionals will be able to take up the special offers (many of them free) offered by our existing professionals.  


All for a total annual fee that works out at 68p per day

68p a day for being promoted via the site:  as the recession bites, CertainShops can ease your marketing burden by promoting you in a variety of ways for only £0.68 a day.  The total amount to come onto the site from November 09 to October 2010 as a new service provider will be £200 (plus £50 registration fee).  This amount (excluding the up front registration fee) can be paid monthly if preferred, at a rate of £20 per month by direct debit.

But before you can be certain that we are the right company to promote you, you need to know some more about us..... is an interactive directory of professional services online, which offers you - as a potential service provider - a UK wide client base who will have FREE access to your full business profile 365 days a year.

Our service providers have told us that the main advantages of working through our site are:

Year round UK-wide advertising and marketing of your services

No chasing fees as clients will pay for services up front

Allowing you to establish yourself on the site as one of the five selected Service Providers in each service area

To elicit testimonials from clients in order to constantly improve the profile of each service provider on the site

Provide 24 hour national access to your profile via the site, 365 days per year



Over the 6 month period (01.04.09 – 30.09.09) the site received 39,900 visitors.
These were not only returning visitors, but 74% were new visitors to the site.

  • Of those visitors, 18.33% were direct traffic (as a result of our PR activity, physical networking, online newsletter and direct mail)
  • 47.42% from Search Engines (as a result of our search engine optimisation)
  • 34.25% from referring sites (as a result of online PR, our online survey and online social networking)

We intend to market our providers extensively including:

Link Campaigns and SEO

Press releases and Radio interviews

The Site Newsletter free to all Registered Users and Service Providers through which we can promote your services

Online social networking/blogs linked to articles by our service providers

Attending UK based business events on your behalf

Corporate Packages

An Optional extra - 'Ask The Expert':

Service Providers can offer to receive a maximum of six emailed questions per year from Client Members only requiring a brief emailed reply to the client at no charge. Service Providers who offer this extra service, and upon receipt of six 'Ask the Expert' emailed questions, will be eligible to write two articles per annum for the monthly Newsletter which is emailed directly to all registered users of the Site and archived on the website for subsequent access by users.

Interested in joining our Consortium of high calibre professionals?

Our annual membership fee, beginning 1st November 2009, is £200 payable pro-rata to October 31st 2010 with a one-off joining fee of £50. There is the option of paying monthly at a rate of £20 per month (total £50 joining fee £240 over the year)

However, members paying the full annual fee in one lump sum, will automatically qualify for a discount of 20% on next year's membership fees if also paid in advance in full.

We are restricting the initial number of Service Providers to five within each `Certain Shop’ (see attached list of Shops). We anticipate this will increase to ten Service Providers per category as demand for services grow, and we intend to limit the Service Providers in each category to ten within 7 specified geographic areas for the UK – Scotland, Northern England, Southern England, Midlands, Wales, Northern Ireland & London.

So apply now, and let us:

market you UK wide
share your skills with fellow professionals on the site via the Skills Swop
get to know each other via our networking events

All for 68p per day.


You can fill in an Application form online and be automatically registered to use the site at the same time, at no charge, at: (nb: If you are already a registered user, please log in first before you click this link)

Very best wishes
Suzy Miller

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