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The certain way of doing business

Site Operation Procedures - How the Site Works

Description of how the site operates from the Client's perspective

Finding the Site

Bob has typed 'accountant' into Google Search

Marjorie has received a 'send this to a friend' Certain Shops email from her best buddy who knows she needs to find a good lawyer

Nigel has responded to a link from a Pay Per Click advert on Yahoo

Doris looked up the Site after reading an article in a magazine

Boris has already registered on the site when he was looking for a business coach but now he is back because he saw that the Site offers other professionals he needs to talk to...

Visiting the Site

On the home page you see clearly displayed the range of professional services on offer and what makes this site so different from any other.

To check out 'Commercial contracts', for example, you click on 'Legal Services - Business Legal Shop' in the drop down menu. A page of five selected professionals offering legal services appears on this Certain Shops page.

Visible on the page is:

a photo of each Service Provider

their name

Excerpts of some testimonials

Examples of services offered that can be (if required) delivered entirely remotely (Internet or phone) with prices

Email link for 15 minute free Appraisal (to assess Client's needs)

drop down menu which contains the contact names (or pseudonyms) of previous clients who have used that service

by clicking on any of those names the Visitor will see testimonials from that client and the option (available soon to Client Members only) to directly email those previous clients through the Site

By clicking on any of those Service Providers you will see their full Profile Page. This page will contain:

the information on the Shop Page (photo, selected services, prices)

More complete testimonials

A full professional profile including professional qualifications and trading history

Full details of ALL services offered - whether deliverable remotely or requiring a physical meeting

Some more personal profile details which the professional wishes to provide giving a more holistic picture of what kind of service they offer and who they are

Registering on the Site

As a Visitor you will be prompted to register on the site at this point, at no charge. Initial registration is very simple - including an email address and contact name, acceptance of site terms & conditions and an opt-in option for the Site Newsletter.

Arranging an Appraisal

As a Registered User you can now email any Service Provider to arrange a free max 15 minute Appraisal by clicking on the Appraisal Link. Service Providers will respond within 24 hours either directly or via an automated responder which will be specific to Users emailing Providers via Certain Shops.

The date and method of delivery (phone, visually through the Internet etc) is agreed by the Registered User and the Service Provider by email.

After delivery of the initial appraisal, the Service Provider will summarise the work to be carried out and prices or price options by email. This will form the basis of the Service Booking Form should you decide to take up those services.

Booking a Service

Some of the service providers may work non-office hours. Both clients and service providers will be able to conduct business from anywhere there is an Internet connection, so geography will not be a restriction on many of the services offered.

When you make a booking for a service, the booking form template on the site will contain a clear description of the services you desire from the provider, with the full price agreed up front for the services. Whether a divorce, a coaching course or the design of a web site, the fees you will pay can be agreed up front directly with the service provider (according to your arrangement with them) prior to delivery of the service.


When the service provider notifies the Site that the work has been completed, you shall receive a Feedback Form from the Site asking you to:

confirm completion of the work by the service provider

complete a simple customer rating score

be encouraged to create a testimonial

agree (optional) to being contacted through the site by Client Members of the site (these are Registered Users who have taken up paid Membership of the site)

Monitoring Quality of Service

Certain Shops will investigate any complaints or poor feedback from any clients regarding the service they receive and encourage a resolution and clients to resubmit feedback where appropriate. If any Service Provider receives a total of three individual complaints or very poor feedback they will be required to leave the site.

The TERMS of QUALITY of SERVICE are laid out in full in section 9 of Schedule 2 Standard Work Flows in the contract of Terms & Conditions between Certain Shops and Service Providers.

Forget Business Directories and Internet Portals


Saving time do it all online

Saving money fees agreed up front

Providing quality - carefully selected professionals & customer feedback