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The certain way of doing business

Quality of Service Monitoring Policy

If a Service Provider has failed to deliver the quality of service as specified by CertainShops Ltd below or has been the subject of complaint on three occasions then he/she will be removed from the site.

Breaches of Quality of Service are:

A Service Provider receives a total rating of 7 or less from the feedback form

A Service Provider has not responded to a client within 24 hours (use of autoresponders are considered to be an acceptable response)

Fails to keep an appointment as agreed with the client

There is an actual complaint from a client

CertainShops receives a poor testimonial regarding a Service Provider

Fails to deliver the service as agreed with the client on the booking form

The Procedure for breaches of Quality of Service are:

CertainShops will contact the Client to inform them the matter is being looked into

Encourage the Service Provider and customer to resolve the issues involved

Following a resolution invite client to re rate the Service Provider and/or up date the testimonial

If however there have been three occasions of breaches of Quality of Service then the Service Provider concerned will be removed from the site permanently.

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