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Registering on the Site

Initial registration is very simple including an email address and contact name, acceptance of site terms & conditions and an opt-in option for the Site Newsletter. To view our full privacy policy and terms & conditions, please click on the links below...

Arranging a FREE Appraisal

As a Registered User you can now email any Service Provider to arrange a free max 15 minute Appraisal by clicking on the Appraisal Link. Service Providers will respond within 24 hours either directly or via an automated responder and they will arrange a convenient time to contact you to assess your needs.

After delivery of the initial appraisal, the Service Provider will summarize the work to be carried out and prices by email. This will form the basis of the Service Booking Form should you decide to take up those services.

Booking a Service

Some of the service providers may work non-office hours. Both clients and service providers will be able to conduct business from anywhere there is an Internet connection, so geography will not be a restriction on many of the services offered.

When you make a booking for a service, the booking form template on the site will contain a clear description of the services you desire from the provider, with the full price agreed up front for the services. Prior to receiving those services whether a divorce, a coaching course or the design of a web site you will pay up front direct to the service provider (according to your arrangement with them) prior to delivery of the service.


When the service provider notifies the Site that the work has been completed, you shall receive a Feedback Form from the Site asking you to:

confirm completion of the work by the service provider

complete a simple customer rating score

be encouraged to create a testimonial

agree (optional) to being contacted through the site by Client Members of the site (these are Registered Users who have taken up paid Membership of the site)

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Registration is free. Why not try before you buy? Contact our professionals through the site and see if they can help you, and then let us know what you think through our feedback process. The Independent newspaper votes us as one of "most useful websites" - let us be useful to you.

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One Stop Shop: To provide online a reliable source of professional services throughout the UK from Legal and Accountancy to IT and Stress Management Coaching.

Exclusivity: An exclusive group of quality professionals who are selected by us.

No hidden costs: Our busy UK clients can agree prices up front for the services offered.

No geographic constraints: Accessible to anyone, anyplace, anytime. Anywhere there is an Internet connection - home, office or even on holiday.