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The certain way of doing business

Customer Feedback Promise

We promise at CertainShops to view all customer testimonials because we want to hear what our clients have to say about the service they receive.

By reading all submitted testimonials and viewing the customer rating scores on the feedback forms, we can continue to maintain the high quality standard of our Service Providers on the site.

Monitoring Quality of Service

CertainShops will investigate any complaints or poor feedback from any clients regarding the service they receive and encourage a resolution and clients to resubmit feedback where appropriate. If any Service Provider receives a total of three individual complaints or very poor feedback they will be required to leave the site.

For the full terms of QUALITY OF SERVICE please click here...

Feedback Forms

When the service provider notifies the Site that the work has been completed, you shall receive a Feedback Form from the Site asking you to:

confirm completion of the work by the service provider

be encouraged to create a testimonial to allow other clients to benefit from your experience

complete a simple customer rating score (click here to view example of customer rating form)

agree (optional) to being contacted through the site by Client Members of the site (these are Registered Users who have taken up paid Membership of the site click here for information on optional client membership...)

One Stop Shop: To provide online a reliable source of professional services throughout the UK from Legal and Accountancy to IT and Stress Management Coaching.

Exclusivity: An exclusive group of quality professionals who are selected by us.

No hidden costs: Our busy UK clients can agree prices up front for the services offered.

No geographic constraints: Accessible to anyone, anyplace, anytime. Anywhere there is an Internet connection - home, office or even on holiday.