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The certain way of doing business

In the Beginning...

Suzy Miller

Listen here to why we are different.

"Are you fed up with being poorly served and over charged by lawyers, accountants and other professionals? Me too, so I founded Certain"

CertainShops is an exclusive group of trusted & personally recommended professionals. I talk to their previous clients & ask for your feedback. Only then are the applauded professionals given a CertainShops seal of approval & allowed on.

Just before 'CertainShops - professionals online' was born in November 2006, knowing whom to trust and which professionals we should use to help us start and grow a new business was a problem. Not for long. We decided that the best (and easiest) way to choose who we were going to spend our precious start up funds on was to find out what their previous clients thought about them.

Word of mouth recommendations are great, but hard to get when you are building a business alongside being a full time parent. The solution? To phone up the previous clients of professionals we were considering using. We thought this was a really good way of finding professionals we could trust - but it was time consuming. Wouldn't it be great if someone else had already done the vetting process for us?

And that was how CertainShops came into being - we decided to make accessing word of mouth vetted professionals, anytime, anywhere there is an internet connection, the focus of our new business.

As company director, I (Suzy) coordinate the continual evolution of CertainShops as it becomes increasingly interactive and responsive to the needs of our growing client base. We are very strict with the business - all service providers are vetted prior to being allowed onto the site (we phone up previous clients) and they are contractually obliged to maintain a high level of customer feedback.

If you only want to pay professionals who other people rave about, then you're in the right place.

As the business matures, our reputation for quality continues to grow. Whether it is finding a business coach who really knows their stuff or a copy writer who has a wealth of satisfied customers, we intend to create a web site that empowers the user by making it easy to make fully informed choices about who to use without the restrictions of 9-5 working hours or geographic limitations. An innovative online directory with quality as its cornerstone.

Most of all, CertainShops is a site where the users can give feedback that allows us to monitor and maintain a high calibre of professional service on a consistent basis.


Try before you buy?

We bet that at least one of the Professionals on CertainShops will be able to help you find a solution to some burning question.

A no obligation 15 minute chat - and find a way forward...

One Stop Shop: To provide online a reliable source of professional services throughout the UK from Legal and Accountancy to IT and Stress Management Coaching.

Exclusivity: An exclusive group of quality professionals who are selected by us.

No hidden costs: Our busy UK clients can agree prices up front for the services offered.

No geographic constraints: Accessible to anyone, anyplace, anytime. Anywhere there is an Internet connection - home, office or even on holiday.